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 The power of our imagination and the potential of a single creative idea is truly the birthplace of all human achievement. The greatest ideas come from the things that inspire us and connect us to our most universal human truths – the search for belonging, desire to create, and the power of love.

When it comes to strategic creative; ideas are meaningless without impact. Wheather measured in conversion, experience, or change - the goal of moving the needle remains the same across the board; and it is the intentionality with how to move the needle that separates basic creative services from true strategic ideators.

At Eclat Creative, Christina brings her personal entrepreneurial and multifaceted life experiences to the table in a way that separates her from just another freelance creative. It is from her experience as a small business owner herself, that she is able to assist others with uncovering their goals to form an innovative and impactful plan to meet them through her entire portfolio of creative services and artistic expressions. 

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.
— George Bernard Shaw
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“Storytelling is ultimately the only way that we know besides song, dance, painting, and music to share with our tribesmen what it means to be human, express the indefinable feelings that unite humankind.” – Kilroy J. Oldster

The most powerful stories are ones that are innately tied to our universal human truths, and the desires that burn fires inside of each and every one of us. Writing is art; our experiences are our canvases, our words are our paintbrushes, and powerful storytelling comes from an intrinsic understanding of other human beings and what makes people feel the way they do. To be a great writer, you must first be a great observer of the human condition. You must have walked a variety of paths, have lived through a smorgasbord of adventures, and have shared in the emotional experiences of others to have any awareness of what makes people tick.  

I like to believe that I was given a gift with words from a very young age because the pen and the page was the only way I could self-soothe. Being born into chaos, and growing up in rather colorful and dysfunctional family environment ignited a desire inside of myself to make sense of the world around me.  

From that spark, I found that putting words to my personal triumphs and struggles helped me reconcile what it was I thought and felt, and allowed me to construct a framework around those emotions to find the silver lining of whatever it was I was experiencing. Words have always set me free and through them I could always find my truth. It is through my writing that I have found resiliency.

It is because of my writing that I have survived – more times than not, my words have been my best friend, and where I go time and time again to fine my way back home.

Writing is hands down the most personal of all of my creative pursuits, and because of this, it has always been a completely private experience for me. It is only recently that I have had the courage to set off on a journey to write for others or to share my own stories in any kind of transactional manor. To me, writing is the most vulnerable form of expression, and because of this I am still extremely protective of my voice and my perspective and the ways in which I will engage in storytelling as an art form.

The ideal storytelling client for me is one who is looking for truth more than function, authenticity more than selling something, and has that fire inside of them to share with the world something that they deeply believe in. For me to do justice to any story I am telling, I have to completely “buy into” what it is that I am writing about – as the entire experience of sharing in someone’s story is such an deeply intimate venture. 

In art, and maybe just in general, the idea is to be able to be really comfortable with contradictory ideas. In other words, wisdom might be, seem to be, two contradictory ideas both expressed at their highest level and just let to sit in the same cage sort of, vibrating. So, I think as a writer, I’m really never sure of what I really believe
— George Saunders


Storytelling is most impactful when erected in a holistic fashion, and Eclat Creative absolutely thrive's when working with clients during the conceptualization phase of their business development to help them compose a powerful mission, story, and strategic plan of communication around their goods or services. Great missions are empowered by clearly defined "why's" - why do you believe in what you are creating, and why is it meaningful to someone else. It is not enough to simply share who you are and what you do - because people are bombard with messages every minute of every single day - for others to truly invest in your mission; the "why it matters to them," has to be clearly illuminated in a way that is effortlessly consumed and felt. At Eclat Creative we love nothing more than digging down to the roots of our client's "why," and the dreamers with the most impassioned why's are the clients who inspire us to create our best work. 



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in many ways the magic of everyday is more powerfully translated through visual medias than any other form. Eclat Creative’s unique curation style focuses on capturing the feeling of the moment frozen in time, rather than just the aesthetics of a beautiful image. The most powerful images expose the emotions within what has been captured that can live on long after the moment has passed - photos simply live forever and are the curation of our memories. 

Christina offers full service photography services with family sessions beginning at $300.00 and editorial and fashion photography services offered as well. Christina takes great pride in capturing the intimacy of the moments she photographs and works best with clients that desire an authentic and vulnerable photo session and a willingness to think outside of a post portrait box.


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In coordination with other creative services, or as a part of a holistic creative approach, Christina works closely with a team of preferred vendors to provide Art Direction and bring your visual story to life through film.

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True alchemy lies in this formula: ‘Your memory and your senses are but the nourishment of your creative impulse
— Arthur Rimbaud



Eleanor Roosevelt once said that, “the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Studies have shown that the most powerful force in life lies inside the magic of human connection, and it is our human connections and experiences that truly make life worth living. Because of this, there is no greater gift you can give to someone than assisting him or her in manifesting an experience that is both meaningful and enriching to those who attend. Christina Ceranna, of Eclat Creative, started her career by founding St. Louis Wedding Consultants; where she personally designed, planned and executed over 200 weddings with budgets of upwards of 1M dollars. Christina went on to work for several other hotels and third party event planning agencies where she worked on both the creative and account management teams. With over two decades of experience in dreaming up imaginative events, she brings the creativity, knowledge, and expertise to events of all shapes and sizes..

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Social Media has become the modern day community hub in which artists, storytellers, and other connectors can share their work, ideas, and creative inspirations with the world around them. Social media allows us to communicate our messages and our imaginations instantaneously and this freedom of expression allows for a more authentic and intimate versions of our perspectives. When intentionally connected to a larger story, and a strategic plan, social media is one of the best tools to convey your story in a persistent and purposeful way.  

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