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Christina Ceranna Christina Ceranna is a creative and ideator specializing in curating powerful content through photos, video, and words. She is a multifaceted, driven, and imaginative individual with dynamic life experiences, a flair for conceptualizing, and a passion for people. Strengths include creative direction, writing, content strategy, photography, and social media, as well as communications and problem-solving. Christina is a natural leader and self-starter with extensive agency and entrepreneurial experience.

IDEATOR: A person who creates productive ideas, a conceptualist. A person that processes and passes on their ideas and inventions to others to help sell or publicize a commodity. A solutions person, problem solver, think tank.






  I have been dreaming up big ideas since I was just a little girl. I learned quickly that my imagination was my greatest tool in designing and fabricating the kind of life I wanted for myself. It was also was my biggest safeguard against the many adversities I faced throughout my stressful and traumatic childhood. When the world left me lonely, my notebook was my greatest companion. When I found myself stuck in less than ideal circumstances, a single creative idea could always set me free. Creativity ie: creation, is by definition, the process of bringing something into existence - and setting my imagination on fire has been, and will always be, my “why” and my purpose on this planet.

As I have grown into an adult, I have come to see small business as the vehicle in which we get to dream up big ideas to solve everyday problems. We get to share our ideas in the form of connections and stories with others. Those connections, which we call messages, have the potential to change someone else’s life. Storytellers have changed my life in too many ways to count, and in it’s simplest explanation - I live to tell stories.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.
— George Bernard Shaw
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“Storytelling is ultimately the only way that we know besides song, dance, painting, and music to share with our tribesmen what it means to be human, express the indefinable feelings that unite humankind.” – Kilroy J. Oldster

The most powerful stories are ones that are innately tied to our universal human truths, and the desires that burn fires inside of each and every one of us. Writing is art. Our experiences are our canvases. Our words are our paintbrushes. Powerful storytelling comes from an intrinsic understanding of other human beings and what makes people feel the way they do. To be a great writer, you must first be a great observer of the human condition. You must have walked a variety of paths, have lived through a smorgasbord of adventures, and have shared in the emotional experiences of others to have any awareness of what makes people feel the things they feel.    

It is because of my writing that I have survived – more times than not, my words have been my best friend, and where I go time and time again to fine my way back home.

Writing is hands down the most personal of all of my creative pursuits, and because of this, it has always been a completely private experience for me. To me, writing is the most vulnerable form of expression, and because of this I am still extremely protective of my voice and my perspective and the ways in which I will engage in storytelling as an art form.

The ideal storytelling client for me is one who is looking for truth more than function, authenticity more than selling something, and has that fire inside of them to share with the world something that they deeply believe in. For me to do justice to any story I am telling, I have to completely “buy into” what it is that I am writing.

In art, and maybe just in general, the idea is to be able to be really comfortable with contradictory ideas. In other words, wisdom might be, seem to be, two contradictory ideas both expressed at their highest level and just let to sit in the same cage sort of, vibrating. So, I think as a writer, I’m really never sure of what I really believe
— George Saunders



Once I set off on my mission to help others tell the stories of their passions and their purposes, I learned quickly that words are becoming somewhat of a dying art form. Long-form is nearly distinct (much to my dismay), thus modern-day storytellers need beautiful imagery that can convey messages creatively, cohesively, and meaningfully in a matter of seconds. Consumers are scrolling through thousands of messages at warp speed, and the messaging has to be clearly defined and intentionally produced to stand apart from the noise. While I love photography as a creative art form, I do not consider myself a documentarian photographer. I am a ideator, strategist and storyteller that creates, produces, and curates stories through photos and videos - but once the purpose and the “why” of the story has been uncovered through creative strategic sessions and deep connection with my clients.


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In coordination with other creative services, or as a part of a holistic creative approach, Christina works closely with a team of preferred vendors to provide Art Direction and bring your visual story to life through film.

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True alchemy lies in this formula: ‘Your memory and your senses are but the nourishment of your creative impulse
— Arthur Rimbaud



Social Media has become the modern day community hub in which artists, storytellers, and other connectors can share their work, ideas, and creative inspirations with the world around them. Social media allows us to communicate our messages and our imaginations instantaneously and this freedom of expression allows for a more authentic and intimate versions of our perspectives. When intentionally connected to a larger story, and a strategic plan, social media is one of the best tools to convey your story in a congruent and purposeful way.  

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